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We are among the few accounting staffing agencies who can fulfill needs across the spectrum, from startup to global organization, part time staff to career professional.

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Strong relationships are the cornerstone of all successful careers.

Though technology provides you with the tools to perform your job, person-to-person relationships are still the foundation of a rewarding, long-lasting career. We maintain robust relationships with companies of all sizes, from nimble start-ups to established Fortune 500 organizations. By understanding your immediate needs, unique skill set and long-term career goals, we draw on our deep connections in every sector to identify the finance, accounting and CPA opportunities that will fulfill you professionally and personally.

We offer multiple hiring options, such as:

Direct Hire

Our satisfaction comes from your success. We utilize a unique, tailored approach that matches your skills and desired company culture to organizations that fit your criteria. Presenting your best professional self is important, so we provide support to help you the master interview process and deliver an effective resume. Finally, we equip you with market condition updates, so you feel confident and informed as you go through the search process.


Find the Accounting Professionals You Need

Specific skill sets require specific recruiting techniques. Many accounting staffing agencies take a blanket approach to staffing. However, we specialize in surfacing the complete scope of your organization’s accounting and tax needs, then identifying the ideal candidates to fill those positions.

Proprietary algorithm-backed recruiting technology coupled with decades of human resources and staffing expertise delivers a tailored approach that conforms to your timeline and corporate culture, in addition to meeting your immediate staffing requirement. Due to this unique approach, we are consistently voted #1 in California for client and recruiter satisfaction.

Our work is not complete until we find the right fit. Our meticulous vetting and recruiting process ensures that you are connected to the ideal professionals right away, instead of wasting time on candidates who are not quite right for the role. We apply the same level of detail and attention for all your staffing needs, including:

Direct Hire

To demonstrate our commitment to your success, we invoice for our services only when you have found a successful match on your behalf.


About TSG

Recruiting is much more than pairing resumes with empty office chairs. We apply our 50+ years of combined recruiting experience to connect thriving businesses with experienced professionals. By thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the true needs of every individual and each company with whom we partner, we find the right fit for the long run. This unique, specialized approach is why we are consistently the #1 rated firm in California for satisfaction for both candidates and clients.


Our Process

Just as each company and person is unique, so is our 6-step recruiting process for accountancy recruitment. Our proven, proprietary method combines the surety of algorithm-based technology with the strength of critical thinking, marketing-based human insights. From part time accounting positions to direct hire CPA opportunities, our detailed methodology ensures the right fit for all parties. With 50+ combined years developing, honing and refining our process, we use proven methods to match candidates and employees.

Organizations and Professionals of All Types Trust TSG to Find the Perfect Match

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